The Ministry of Commerce joins hands with public and private sectors to help fruit producers with 5 strategies

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cover-“พาณิชย์” ผนึกกำลังภาครัฐและเอกชน ปรับแผนรับมือผลไม้ออกสู่ตลาดรวม 5 มาตรการ

The Ministry of Commerce has joined hands with public and private sectors to help Thai fruit producers who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in terms of production strategies, local and international marketing, enhancing liquidity, as well as quality and price control during these challenging times. Five new strategies are being implemented, including leveraging the production quality, increasing local distribution channels, encouraging business matching with international bodies, compensating interest for exporters, promoting mutual audits and establishing a mutual agreement on the management of fruit transportation for the producers affected by COVID-19. The agreement was signed by 13 governmental and private organizations.
For more information please visit DITP’s website at or contact DITP’s hotline 1169.

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