Online marketing for B2B businesses

At present, online presence is something that business entrepreneurs cannot ignore, especially the ones involved in marketing. But what are the differences between online marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses?

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One thing in common, which is also the first thing that business owners or marketers need to be concerned about, is “sales figures”. 

Why we need to go back to sales figures?

 In the age when online engagement is everything, everybody tends to focus on drawing attention from the audience. However, focusing too much on building engagement can make us neglect what is really important, which is sales. This also creates an ocean of mediocre engagement-driven content that leads to nothing. In short, this strategy is a marketing failure, since engagement doesn’t lead to sales.  

Another dimension that B2B and B2C businesses have in common is market segmentation, which is essential in the marketing world. Marketers tend to categorize customers into groups, because each group needs different ways of communications.

There are also differences. At least, the natures of individual and corporate customers are different in many aspects. Where to start? What to focus on when doing online marketing for B2B businesses is websites. 

Why websites?

 As most people choose to do marketing campaigns on social media, it is no surprise that websites are almost forgotten. Still, websites are essential for B2B businesses, as customers in this segment like to do research more than B2C customers. In other words, B2B customers take more time to decide. They need to do a search on Google and check out the websites before making a decision. 

In summary, websites are very important for B2B businesses. In practical terms, you can start from doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website, so that your website shows up when customers search for related terms in search engines. Also, the front page of your website should have attractive information. One example of this is testimonial videos that show your former customers’ direct experiences with your products to attract new customers. Other necessary information has to be included, namely company details and product details. The graphics should be easy to read and reliable. 

Although the main focus is company websites, other social media strategies are also encouraged to create brand awareness. 

This is the big picture of online marketing for B2B businesses. If we set a clear direction to focus on sales, we can steer our way to success without getting lost in the pool of endless marketing strategies. 

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