“LooxidVR”, a strategic marketing tool

Developed by Looxid Labs, Looxid VR is one of the most advanced VR technology to date.

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cover-LooxidVR, a strategic marketing tool

Some people might  have a chance to experience the Virtual Reality (VR) technology or the technology that presents a virtual environment experienced through sensory stimuli. Offering a totally different experience from two-dimensional screens, the VR technology is an efficient tool to create unique experiences for customers. Many businesses have integrated the VR technology in their marketing strategies, not only to make the products more memorable but also to engage more customers. Having continuous growth in the global market, VR is definitely the future of  the world’s business. 

One of the key players in the VR industry is Looxid Labs, the creator and developer of Looxid VR, an essential tool that combines the VR technology with the data collecting and processing systems, so that the 

equipment can generate the responsive virtual reality experiences. When the headset is put on, the built-in eye tracking camera will collect the eye data, while the sensor on the forehead will track the brain waves coming from the frontal lobe of the brain, and the biological signals will be analyzed by the algorithm to define the moods of the user. This concept is considered very innovative in terms of data analysis on the VR platform.

The data collected from the equipment is useful in many ways: it not only helps the developer to improve the experiences to match their customers’ needs but is also used to create a catching story, increase satisfaction and generate more interests in customers. Moreover, the data can be analyzed to predict trends, create the right marketing strategies for the businesses and reduce investment risk. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak driving the shift towards the digital world and technology, this might be the time when entrepreneurs have to learn to adapt to turn the crisis into business opportunities.

https://www. https://looxidlabs.com/looxidvr/

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