Gene Gems: Jewelry that encapsulates your DNA

Tracing back to the first man who came up with this ingenious idea.

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cover-Gene Gems: Jewelry that encapsulates your DNA

Swiss scientist Robert Grass can be considered the pioneer in creating human DNA-embedded jewelry, a kind of totem that enables you to keep part of your loved ones close to you forever. To create something one-of-a-kind, he finally came up with DNA-encrusted jewelry which not only holds special emotional values but also acts as a keeper of genes that could be used for medical purposes in the future.  

The process of creating this kind of work starts from collecting saliva samples or samples of cells that contain DNA. With special chemical processes in the laboratory, the samples will be processed and the DNA will be extracted and purified. Then the chemicals will be added to the liquid solution containing the DNA to encourage the growth of glass that encapsulates the DNA at room temperature. This process is similar to fossilization, so the DNA will be safe and can be easily retrieved in the future.

According to the research on decay, it is estimated that the encapsulated DNA would decay to half of its concentration over the course of 1,000 years. The glass containing the DNA will be placed in a hole of the jewelry setting, whether it’s a ring or a pendant, and the hole will be sealed with a diamond.

“I was looking for something special, something more than just a shiny stone,” – Robert Grass 

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