DITP to speed up exports after COVID-19 eases with over 250 projects

Thailand's Commerce Ministry introduces new measures to stimulate exports and boost up the economy.

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cover-DITP เตรียมจัดโครงการกว่า 250 โครงการ บุกตลาดส่งออกหลังโควิดคลี่คลาย

Mr. Somdet Susomboon, Director General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), stated that, as the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is easing and several countries have lifted lockdown restrictions to boost economic activity, DITP has monitored the situation closely to look for opportunities to step up exports and stimulate the economy. DITP is prepared to act as soon as the situation allows to maintain and expand export markets, with over 250 projects now ready to be implemented.

Among these are the promotion of Thai products via e-commerce platforms, modern trade and shopping malls in various regions across the globe; the elevation of the image of Thai products and services overseas with trust masks such as Tmark, Demark, PM Award and Thai Select; the establishment of quality and safety standards for Thai products and services, such as Halal food and organic product standards; the attendance of Thai entrepreneurs in international trade fairs held in Thailand and overseas; and the provision of advice and information to enable businesses to enter foreign markets with the assistance of commercial attaches in Thai diplomatic missions worldwide via ‘Online Export Clinic.’

In addition, it has enlisted the help of trading partners to support DITP’s activities and strengthen entrepreneurs’ business skills, including the Federation of Thai Industries, the Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, the Thai Bankers Association, universities as well as e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Alibaba (Chinese market), Bigbasket (Indian market), kha-leang.com (ASEAN market) and Amazon (US market). This is in line with the policy announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Jurin Laksanawisit, according to which DITP will provide support to Thai entrepreneurs and be prepared to respond to all kinds of situations and turn the crisis brought on by COVID-19 into an opportunity for Thai businesses. 

Trade opportunities and situation after COVID-19 

Food products
The virus outbreak has been a catalyst for growth of food products; fresh, dried, canned, frozen and other foods including food ingredients all benefit from the situation and enjoy high volume of sales. While competitors exist, Thailand retains its competitive edge from the trust it has gained from consumers worldwide that its products are safe to consume, as the COVID-19 outbreak in the country is now under control. 

Lifestyle products 
Social distancing forces people to stay at home and spend more time online. With identity or presence on social networks becoming more important, many are looking for fashion products that make statements about themselves. Moreover, as people spend more time at home, many are taking an interest in home décor and looking for new hobbies that will be compatible with the “new normal” of life.

Digital content 
Thanks to working from home and a surge in online shopping, digital entertainment and online education are poised to grow significantly. As streaming services are popular worldwide and continue to grow rapidly, the trend presents an opportunity for Thai films to reach a global audience via this platform. Furthermore, due to the popularity of e-commerce, many character products are now migrating online. Producers of content used in making promotional product videos are likely to increase in numbers, especially individual ones. 

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in DITP activities can visit our website: www.ditp.go.th or call our hotline on 1169 for more information. 

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