Increase jewelry sales with Augmented Reality Technology

This AR technology can help generate more sales for jewelry business owners.

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cover-Increase jewelry sales with Augmented Reality Technology

At present, it is undeniable that technology has played a large part in every sector of business. Consumers’ engagement in the stories or experiences crafted by brands has been proved to be highly effective in driving sales, and one of the most popular tools to date is Augmented Reality (AR). Many jewelry brands have integrated the responsive Augmented Reality technology into their services, so that their customers can virtually view and interact and try on the products. This makes it easier for customers to purchase products online, especially the high-valued products like jewelry. 

Gem and jewelry products are closely related to different traditions and cultures, as well as the ideas of luxury and uniqueness. The prices also vary, based on these factors. Therefore, a special presentation and unusual storytelling approach can become a selling point that makes your brand shine in this highly-competitive industry. The AR technology can be very beneficial in the online business environment, since it helps convey brand stories, engages customers, increases satisfaction and confidence in the brands and also encourages purchases.


The AR technology is a marketing tool that can help promote your brand on the global stage, making the brand accessible by everyone who has a smartphone. Compared with the traditional marketing approach that presents jewelry products in glossy catalogues, the AR technology is definitely more effective, since it not only shows information and stories in every facet, but also enables customers to virtually interact with products. 

A sense of realness of the experience provides necessary information that a customer might need prior to a purchase. The advanced 3D scanning technology helps jewelry brands to present the products in every angle through the AR technology. Moreover, most AR jewelry applications are equipped with online shopping carts where users can check and add items like other e-commerce applications. These benefits make AR jewelry applications ideal for the online jewelry business which might include antique and high-valued jewelry pieces.

Moreover, AR jewelry applications enable users to virtually customize the sizes, shapes or carat weights of their preferred items prior to purchasing. The virtual try-on feature is also available for those who wish to try the products on their faces or hands. The customers don’t need to travel to the store or contact salespersons, and they also have privacy in viewing, trying and customizing the products as long and as much as they wish. 


In summary, the AR technology not only enables users to get all the information of the products they need, it also helps making the gems and jewelry businesses more exciting in the eyes of modern consumers. It makes the purchasing experience more attractive and, as a marketing tool, makes the brand images look more positive. So, if you are planning to boost your online sales in the future, the AR technology might be a great idea for your business.

Reference: by JYOTI GUPTA

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