Go Plastic Free with the edible Lolistraw

Turning natural seaweed into a cool commodity

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cover-Go Plastic Free with the edible Lolistraw

Lolistraw, the world’s first edible, hyper compostable straw made of seaweed was founded by Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker. Their American company ‘loliware’ aims to reduce the use of plastic straws by creating this edible straw made of seaweed-based material, a renewable resource. Using organic sweetener, this bioplastic straw is edible and can naturally decompose within 60 days. Its colors come from vegetables, fruits and flowers and have flavors like vanilla, rose, cherry or green tea. Lolistraw can last up to 24 hours and has zero calorie, perfect for the urbanites who care for themselves and the world. 

Ref:​ loliware, instagram

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