Online marketing for B2B businesses

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At present, online presence is something that business entrepreneurs cannot ignore, especially the ones involved in marketing. But what are the differences between online marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses?

Bye Bye burgers! Welcoming the age of conscious eating

cover-Bye Bye burgers! Welcoming the age of conscious eating

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, healthy eating continues to dominate food trends in 2020. According to Food Ingredients Asia 2019 (FI Asia 2019), a leading event for the ASEAN’s food and beverage industry, the food trends in 2020 include the following:  Healthy ready meals: Thanks to the modern, busy lifestyle, ready meals have become a […]

Agricultural Trade Insights

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Thai and Indian rice producers lower their prices as rice demands decline Due to less demands and currency fluctuations, rice exports in Asia have declined since October last year. As a result, rice exporters in Thailand and India had to lower their prices by 5%. In Thailand, the Thai Baht currency which became stronger since […]

Do-it-your-health: when healthcare and health-related business is a new business trend to watch


In essence, the Do-it-Your-Health (DIH) business or health-related business can be divided into two main categories, which are the health-related services and health related products, including applications and technologies like physical information tracking programs that can be used together with exercise or weight training programs.  These kinds of services and products are the results of […]